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Functional testing with Cypress

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Cypress is a modern open-source end-to-end testing framework which provides good developer experience. You can check how we leverage Cypress in WebSight Blueprint to perform functional testing. Its goal is to check if the end user can complete all the flows and actions available on the website.

Important notice

For more information about WebSight Blueprint project see Quick start for developers.


Detailed information how to use Cypress can be found in the official docs:

We recommend also reading about best practices in Cypress:

Using Cypress locally

Cypress tests are located in tests/end-to-end/tests folder.

To run them, you need to start your CMS instance first from tests/end-to-end:

target/dependency/ \
  -f target/slingfeature-tmp/feature-starter-project-tests.json

Then update test content located in /tests/content folder execute the following script:

./mvnw -f tests/content/pom.xml clean install -P autoInstallPackage

Finally run the commands below:

cd tests/end-to-end
npm run dev

This will launch the Cypress interactive GUI. It is the most convenient way to write and debug your tests during development.

Cypress GUI

Using Cypress on CI server

To run E2E tests on CI server, you need to launch Cypress in headless mode. It can be done by using this command from the root directory:

./mvnw clean verify -P e2e-functional

In .github/workflows/ci.yml you can check how we have configured running Cypress tests in Github Actions as a part of pull request validation.

Cypress on CI server