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Path Picker



The Path Picker component is an input that allows the user to select the path of a resource from a repository or via an external link. If the value starts with / the path picker will autosuggest possible values.



  • name - string (required)
    Form field name

  • label - string
    Display label value

  • required - string
    Indicates if field value is mandatory

  • rootPath - string
    If set, suggestions are filtered to the given root path.

  • forceRootPath - string (if not defined false)
    Indicates whether the input value should be validated to start with the given rootPath value.

  • removeIfEmpty - string (if not defined false)
    Indicates if property in JCR will be removed if it contains empty String, or will be retained with that value

  • description - string
    Display description value as a tooltip

  • placeholder - string
    Override the placeholder text that appears when the value is empty.

  • types - Array<string>
    Filter autosuggestion path by jcr:primaryType


"link": {
  "sling:resourceType": "wcm/dialogs/components/pathpicker",
  "rootPath": "/content",
  "name": "link",
  "label": "URL",
  "forceRootPath": true,
  "types": ["ws:PagesSpace","ws:Pages","ws:Page"]