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Rich Text Editor



The Rich Text Editor dialog field provides many features that allow authors to edit text content.

This dialog field requires a configuration, which defines which features should be available and how the menu bar be displayed.


  • name - string (required)
    Form field name

  • label - string (optional)
    Display label value

  • required - string (optional, default false)
    Indicates if field value is mandatory

  • removeIfEmpty - string (optional, default false)
    Indicates if property in JCR will be removed if it contains empty String, or will be retained with that value

  • description - string (optional)
    Display description value as tooltip

  • configuration - string (optional, default /libs/wcm/dialogs/components/richtext/configurations/default)
    Absolute path to configuration node. The configuration can be also defined inline; see RichText Editor - configuration for details


"content": {
  "sling:resourceType": "wcm/dialogs/components/richtext",
  "name": "content",
  "label": "Content"

RichText Editor