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CTA & CTAs List components

CTA component renders a single link (an anchor html tag) with look & feel of a button or text link (look & feel is controlled by style variants).


If you need just a single CTA, you can add it directly to a page section or container. To render multiple CTAs in one row, use CTAs List component first, and add buttons there.

Authorable properties

Click Edit icon ("Edit" icon) to see all CTA's component's properties:

  • You can provide a Text (label) for the CTA
  • add an URL. It can be either an external link starting with http(s) or an internal link. Type / to enable auto suggestions of internal pages.
  • optionally, you can select if the link should be opened in a new tab, and if it should have an additional icon.

CTA dialog

Rendered component

You can see an example of 2 CTA components inside a CTA list container below:

Two CTAs in a CTAs List container

Please note that the CTA component does not have grid options. The width of CTA depends on its text width, and is not aligned to the grid.

If multiple CTAs are added directly to a page section, they will stack one below another. (In order to align buttons in one row use the CTA list component.)

CTA variants

Check the Style tab in the authoring dialog to see the available style variants for a CTA component.

Style variants