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Number Field



The Number Field component allows the user to enter numbers. If this is empty, the respective property in JCR does not exist.


  • name - string (required)
    Form field name

  • label - string
    Display label value

  • min - string
    Minimal value possible to enter

  • max - string
    Maximum value possible to enter

  • step - string (default value = 1)
    The value granularity.
    number - must be greater than zero. Indicates that the field accepts only values at multiples of the step. "any" - special value. Indicates that the value can be in any number.

  • required
    Indicates whether the field value is mandatory

  • description - string
    Display description value as a tooltip


"width": {
  "sling:resourceType": "wcm/dialogs/components/numberfield",
  "name": "width",
  "label": "Width",
  "min": 0,
  "max": 1000,
  "step": 0.01